The wine plant, closer to humans more than it might appear with a very similar life cycle.
Fermentation with CO2 is a latest technology process, that enables the winery to save in energy costs and to produce wines with a lower sulphites content.
The sulphites are commonly used in food industry and wine making, for their antioxidant and antibacterial properties.
oct 30, 2017
The happiness in a glass of wine.
Barrels, an essential element for wine ageing that provides flavours and aromas.
The pruning, a crucial work for the development and production of our vines.
Natural corks in high quality wines, an element to take into consideration.
Natural corks in high quality wines, an element to take into consideration.
The snow, a great partner for the vine yard.
Nowadays, the market tendency is to drink less quantity of wine but of a higher quality.
Wine and music, an harmonious pairing to enjoy even more.
The wine bottle has been accompanying us for thousands of years ¿Do you know its history?
The bleeding of the vine a curious and important stage of its growth cycle.
The first buds appear on the grapevine and mark an important step, the beginning of its new anual cycle.
Approaching the world of wine with the five senses.
The grapevine leaf growth, a decisive step in its lifecycle.
The grapevine continues with the stage of "leaf growth " that will determine the taste of our wines .
Flowering and fruit set, when flowers become berries.
It is very important to take into consideration the temperature at what we serve a D.O.Ca Rioja wine, as it plays a fundamental role for our wine to be fully enjoyed 
Noticiable green fruits at this stage of the vegetative cycle of the grapevine.
To be a winelover, as its name implies, is to love wines and enjoy each sip.
The D.O.Ca Rioja wines have in their genes the characteristics of the terroir that saw them grow.
Summer, the best moment for enjoying our white Rioja wines.
When tasting a wine your sense of smell will be improved by your sense of sight.
ago 15, 2018
The wine, a piece of art from its beginning at the vine yard to its elaboration and ageing at the winery.
sep 13, 2018
The expert knowledge of the oenologist is the key to obtain wines of great quality at their maximum expression.
sep 19, 2018
The hand Refractometer helps the viticulturist to check the grapes sugar content on the field and to know the optimal timing for harvest.
Wine, a drink of gods within men reach.
A practice in traditional wine growing to extend the life of our vine yard.
Wine, always source of inspiration.
Fincas de Azabache much more than great wines, the taste of the land of Rioja.
It will never cease to amaze you. Discover these curiosities about wine.
An excellent progress at the vineyards of Fincas de Azabache.
may 17, 2019
One more virtue of our favorite drink. Wine helps us to retain a good memory.
The zurracapote, your festive and popular drink even better with Rioja wine .
Wine, a drink of gods, with great qualities for your health.
nov 04, 2019
Wine, always protagonist ,now also in the most famous TV series.
The flowering, crucial moment at the vineyard.
The vérasion at the vineyard it´s a sight to see ! and a crucial moment in the grapevine vegetative cycle.
To enjoy a good white Rioja wine in winter is also very pleasant.
Discover the curious history of this container to storage wine, the demi-john.
The sealing wax for our Coscojares Viñedo Singular doCa Rioja, a "royal" technique.
Discover the history of Tapas, a part of Spanish Gastronomic Culture; and enjoy them with DOCa Rioja Azabache Wines
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