abr 29, 2019

In this post we leave you some curiosities about wine that probably you did not know.

A bottle of wine, contains all the basic elements that make life possible: calcium, iodine, iron, phosphorous, potassium, selenium, chromium, copper,magnesium, sodium and zinc.

The wine has not colour. Most of the wines are colorless and its colour is given during the posterior maceration with the grape's skins that add anthocyanins , water soluble pigments .

One of the world most ancient wine bar is located in Malaga, the Antigua Casa de Guardia. Was founded in 1840 by Mr. José Guardia . Today it is kept unaltered and they serve their wines through Cuban and Russian  taps that date from before the Second World  War .

The oldest winery in the world is situated in Armenia and dates back from 4100 B.C.  It was one of wine greatest archaeological findings.

The winery Milestii Mici, in Moldavia, holds the position of  world's biggest winery at the Guiness Book of Records. It counts with over 2 million bottles and 193 km of underground tunnels.

The sea is an ideal environment for ageing wine. This is proven by the bottles rescued from old shipwrecks that stay in perfect conditions.

The Ice Wine, gets his name from the frozen grapes it is elaborates with. Its origins are in northem Baviera.

The wine can also be in shock, called “bottle-shock”, “bottle-sickness” or “travel-shock” it is a temporal state in which wine can be, when it loses its qualities and aromas, although this is transitory and after a short period of time the effect disappears .

The resveratrol, compound of the red grapes skin helps improve memory.

Although nowadays the technology has progressed and it replaces in many cases their labour, without wasps we would not have wine. Without these insects we can say that wine would not exist and their work has been essential since always. They are in charge of transmitting the yeasts and fungus that will grow on the grapes skin and that will lead to the fermentation of the must.

It exists a National Drink Wine Day. It is celebrated in the United States on the 18th of February to pay tribute to this excellent beverage.


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