feb 26, 2018

This container of long neck that we call bottle it´s in reality very old and it has been a product of a natural evolution of different types of vases.

In the Ancient Egypt there existed already clay bottles, but it wasn’t until the 15th century B.C. when it started to be used a material similar to cristal in Egypt and Siria.

In the Ancient Rome the use of bottles was generalised, although they were used to keep water as this material resulted too delicate and impractical to romans and the wine was kept in clay vessels or wooden barrels.

After centuries of advance, it is throughout  the 17th century, in Venice, when the works with blown glass to produce bottles for wine begin, as wine starts to be a more selected beverage and it is drunk in celebrations and feasts  and it needed of a container easy to use at home.  These bottles did not have the same shape  as the ones today, they were more rounded and of a thinner construction.

The bottles of wine started to be produced in series in 1821, when H. Ricketts & Co. Glass Works Bristol patented the mechanic fabrication method, creating the bottle that we know.

In 1970, it was internationally established the capacity of 750 ml for the commercialisation of wine bottles; although today , due to marketing issues, we can find different formats of bottles such as the “magnum”, the half a litre and others.

Thanks to the glass bottle,  the wine could be kept during longer time without an alteration in its properties and people could observe that it tasted better.

The bottle, an humankind invention that is been accompanying and serving us for thousands of years.

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