jun 22, 2018

Starts to be hot and wines are also affected by it. How do we know if the wine is at the right temperature to be poured?

Whether it be red, white or rosé, we must be aware of the temperature we are serving them, as just a few degrees above or below the recommended will modify aromas and taste. Wines if too warm, strengthen their alcohol and sugar contents and lose  aromas and if on the contrary, they are too cold, there is more sensation of astringency and in their pass through mouth can numb our taste buds what block our capacity of a proper perception of the taste.

To keep our wines at the correct temperature we can store them in a wine cellar, if you are lucky enough to have it at home or into a wine-cabinet at controlled temperature; as an option when taken to the table you can place it in an ice bucket with water and ice, what will allow you to play with the temperature, as the cold will be distributed homogeneously along the bottle.

We can say that below 5º or above 18º C, the D.O.Ca Rioja wines lose their expressivity , therefore as a general rule we will follow this guideline:

*The young rosé and white, are recommended to be served at between 7ºC - 10ºC, while barrel fermented whites need a bit more, between 10ºC -12ºC.

*Young reds are best drunk at a temperature of between 12ºC - 14ºC and between 14ºC - 16ºC for the Crianzas.

*Reserva and Gran Reserva are ideal to be tasted at between 16ºC - 18º C.

So now you do not have an excuse for not enjoying any D.O.Ca Rioja wine at its higher expression.

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