sep 01, 2017

If we take a clear look, the life of a vine plant is very similar to a human life. If it is taken care of during its life cycle, it is not overtreated with phytosanitary products and it is “feed” with what it needs, the possibilities of getting old substantially increase; on the contrary, with a “bad life” of excess and requirements, it will be difficult to happen.

The vines, just like humans, have their youthfulness time; later, the wisdom of maturity, when they offer their best fruits and also they came to the moment to meet the end.

We say that a mature vine plant gives better wine than a young one because the plant is more balanced and its deep roots reach diverse mineralities that provide it with different aromas and flavours. There are vines that reach 20 years of age, others turn half a century and some get to celebrate its centenary.

That vine plants grow old sane will mostly depend on the life we give them, as we mentioned earlier, but it will also depend on the characteristics of the soil where they grow and the kindness of the weather.  Here we can find another simile with human behaviour.  For us our source of warmth is produced by our muscles fed by the aliments we consume and in cold climates, people need an extra energy intake therefore they increase their food consumption to cope with the low temperatures. In winter, vine plants concentrate their energy in the interior and they get to what we call “winter rest period”, being ready to withstand below cero temperatures here in La Rioja, if that is the case.

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