mar 31, 2017
Wine, a natural tribute that should be always present in a proper Mediterranean Diet because of its excellent properties for your well-being.
Opening a good bottle of wine, will make any evening a success!! Although the detail may seem trivial, the “tact” when uncorking a bottle of wine will be of prime importance for transmitting the sensations to our guests.
Aldeanueva de Ebro, a special and fortunate terroir, where every vine finds a place to grow at the rhythm offered by its soil.
Vinotecas are wine shops although they go beyond of what the concept of specialized wine shop involves, where they have greater knowledge of their wines and take actions orientated towards promoting the wine culture.
As in the best cinematographic works, the production process of our White Tempranillo, is carried out paying special attention to every detail ; from the idea of its plantation to the day to come on to the market.
Rioja wines are well known all over the world and Tempranillo, Garnacha Tinta, Graciano and Mazuelo are the most characteristic varieties.
The wine, further than being an excellent beverage, is an exceptional ingredient for many dishes that will gain a special flavour.
The extraordinary Biome Eden Project held a mini-fair where Fincas de Azabache ads the "Rioja" colour.
The world of wine tasting can sound complicated, but with these three easy steps any winelover can enjoy it.
Choosing the appropriate glass will lead us to best enjoy our wine and obtain from it all its precious properties.
jul 13, 2017
We all have seen the “lágrimas” (tears) of wine, but do we know what they really mean?
Besides enjoying a good wine, we can contribute to preserving the environment giving a second life to our empty bottles.
Rioja wines are characteristic for its exceptional aptitudes for ageing. The Rioja Control Board divide them into four categories that are shown by the back label or seal that accompany every bottle of wine.
Entreviñas Wine Fair . The first weekend of June. Enjoy the best Rioja wines in Aldeanueva de Ebro. 18 different wineries offer their wines in an event that you can not miss.
The wine plant, closer to humans more than it might appear with a very similar life cycle.
sep 22, 2017
The most important work at a winery during the harvest.
Christmas Time, another perfect moment to enjoy a great Rioja wine with the company of family or friends.
The bleeding of the vine a curious and important stage of its growth cycle.
mar 26, 2018
The Denomination of Origin Rioja launches its new brand message "Saber Quién Eres" to continue with the growth in foreign markets.
The first buds appear on the grapevine and mark an important step, the beginning of its new anual cycle.
Approaching the world of wine with the five senses.
The grapevine leaf growth, a decisive step in its lifecycle.
The grapevine continues with the stage of "leaf growth " that will determine the taste of our wines .
Flowering and fruit set, when flowers become berries.
Noticiable green fruits at this stage of the vegetative cycle of the grapevine.
The D.O.Ca Rioja wines have in their genes the characteristics of the terroir that saw them grow.
Wine, much more than a beverage, in moderation a source of health.
This Christmas, the most original presents for winelovers.
Wine, creator of sensations and of a world full of stories to discover.
A practice in traditional wine growing to extend the life of our vine yard.
Wine, always source of inspiration.
With over 25 years of journey our Azabache brand needed an update.
Fincas de Azabache much more than great wines, the taste of the land of Rioja.
An excellent progress at the vineyards of Fincas de Azabache.
We hope you can join us once again at the Entreviñas Wine Fair in Aldeanueva de Ebro
ene 17, 2020
Preserve our "plant heritage" taking care of our old vineyards.
Your wine tastes even better with the appropriate glass.
may 07, 2020
Recycle our wine bottles in a pretty and ecofriendly way.
The flowering, crucial moment at the vineyard.
The vérasion at the vineyard it´s a sight to see ! and a crucial moment in the grapevine vegetative cycle.
To enjoy a good white Rioja wine in winter is also very pleasant.
Today we toast with our Tunante de Azabache in the Tempranillo International Day.
Do you know about the elaboration process of our Vino Espumoso de Calidad Rioja?
Inmejorables resultados de nuestros vinos docaRioja en el prestigioso Concurso Internacional de Vino, Mundus Vini.
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