may 26, 2017

To perfectly taste the wine we are drinking and to get the most out of its aromas, flavour and colour, the glass in which we pour it must be the appropriate. Not all are the same, although they seem to be. Their design has been carefully studied to allow us to enjoy each type of drink, therefore we should choose the best suited for each case.

It is essential to take into account that it must be made of transparent, smooth and thin glass to correctly appreciate the body and colour of the wine, though every type requires a different shape and size being the following the most important:

For red wine we will choose glasses of a bigger size, the Bordeaux type is the most common,  with a broad bowl so the wine gets extra contact with the air facilitating oxygenation and a narrower mouth to preserve its aromas.

For white and rose wines, the glass will be very similar to the Bordeaux one but of a slightly smaller size and a longer stem in order to prevent the temperature of the wine being affected by body heat.

Nowadays, with many existent varieties of wine and the different types of wine-lovers, there is a glass for nearly every kind of wine, however we should not get obsessed with this issue and focus in enjoying this precious beverage that is what matters in the end.

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