sep 22, 2017

Many types of work are carried out at a winery during the harvest time, today we will talk about the most relevant.

The Fermentation, crucial step in wine-making. This process is carried out at controlled temperature in stainless still tanks where the must acquire its colour and aromas, being in contact with the grape skins during several days. During this period of time, the carbon dioxide goes to the surface producing a fine bubbling and it takes the solid rests what makes on the surface what its called  a “cap” composed of the grape skins and the pulp that float in the must.

During these days, frequent overpumping allow to obtain more colour and aroma compounds. This process imply the extraction of the must from the bottom of the tank, reintroducing it from the top, over the “cap”.  

After fermentation, Devatting is carried out, where the must is separated from the pomace and the free-run wine is decanted by gravity.

Finally, once it is verified the complete absence of carbon dioxide into the tank, workers of the winery manually extract the grape skins, that still contain a quantity of must to be taken into a wine press to produce a different type of wine known as “pressed wine”.

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Fincas de Azabache

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