abr 21, 2017

Opening a good bottle of wine, will make any evening a success!! Be it a romantic dinner, a meal with friends or a business meeting.

Although this detail may seem trivial, the “tact” when uncorking a bottle of wine will be of prime importance for transmitting the sensations to our guests. One does not need to be an expert nor to use great strength, but we can follow these small tips that will help us.

Before uncorking the wine, the bottle must be in vertical position to control the movements, as “shaking” the wine is not desirable.

We will start removing the foil that covers the bottle top. We will cut just below the lip at the top of the wine bottle, in this way we prevent the drops that can be left after pouring, to go down the bottle.

Ideally we will count with a foil cutter -that we can get from any wine-cellar or wine boutique- although if we do not have one we can always use the folded blade, that comes in any classic double-hinged corkscrew for this purpose.

Insert the folded corkscrew in the cork. Position the tip in the center of the cork, push it in and twist until only one curl remains; always in vertical position to prevent breaking the cork, the greatest fear when uncorking.  Don´t twist too far into the cork to avoid pieces of the cork getting dislodged into the wine.

Move the lever arm down and make sure you have a firm grip on the lip of the bottle. Push down on the lever so that the cork begins moving upward - corkscrews with two sets of ridges are the best for this step- and twist, so the air will come in and will make an easier extraction.  Pull up the handle and remove the cork. Check that is moist and undamaged, indicators that the wine has been kept in the appropriate manner and all its properties have been preserved. 

Wipe the top of the bottle with a dry clean cloth, to eliminate any remaining particles, this will be the last step before enjoying your excellent Rioja wine.

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