oct 14, 2018

We obtain the wine from the fermentation of the grapes of the grape's must, this means that it is the product resulting from the transformation of the vegetal matter (the grapes), generated from the action of live microorganisms (the yeasts).

It is clear its complexity and nutritional value, proven as it comes from live cells and contains in solution a big amount of what it is needed for human beings nutrition.

The composition of wine is known for more than 150 years, since Pasteur carried out the first researches about the must alcoholic fermentation, caused by yeasts.

We know that water, ceded from the grapes, is the main constituent of wine and it represents around 75-85% in volume. It is pure biological water from a bacteriological point of view, as its pH prevents from the development of microorganisms. Besides in this water we find dissolved mineral salts and trace-elements that the vine had been taken during its growing process.

So as Pasteur said:  "the wine is the most healthy and hygienic beverage that man has at hand.

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