may 12, 2017

Tempranillo: Identity of our red wines, the Tempranillo is considered autochthonous from La Rioja; it is the most characteristic of this Denomination and it has been classified as one of the great nobles varieties of the world. It produces wines that can be destined to long ageing processes, due to its low oxidative level, very balanced in alcoholic gradation and acidity, and with a frank palate, smooth and fruity, that evolves velvety when aged. Its aroma reminds of red fruit (strawberry, cherry, raspberry) and liquorice. Its pass through cask provides a character with great alcohol levels and aromas of vanilla and jam.

Garnacha Tinta: It is a rustic grape variety, that makes full bodied wines  and with great alcoholic richness, little acidity and soft tannins ideal for coupages. Its aromas are spiced where pepper, licorice and anise are the most characteristics and they come together with others of wild fruits (raspberry and grosella), dry fig and dates.

Graciano is the native variety from La Rioja, not widespread in other areas and the most aromatic of the red varieties of the D.O. Ca Rioja Denomination. Its proved complementarity with the Tempranillo grape for the ageing has made it a future value variety for Rioja. It offers wines with a great acidity, perfect for ageing, with a very peculiar aroma , superior in intensity to the rest of Rioja varieties.

Mazuelo: It is well known its growing in La Rioja for centuries although it takes a small surface area from the Denomination.  Even though it is not a very aromatic variety, the wines produced from it contain a good quantity of tannins and acidity and a very stable colour and this also offers perfect partnership to Tempranillo for long ageing wines.

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