ene 24, 2020

Your wine tastes even better if you serve it in the appropriate glass. This is very true!

You don’t need to end up going crazy about choosing the glasses for the wine, but following we give you pros and cons of six different designs that you should take into consideration.

Bordeaux Glass. It is the glass for opulent red wines per excellence.  Its large opening soften tannins making them more delicate. This glass is a bit less stable due to its large size and more difficult to clean.

Universal Wine Glass. It works for almost any wine: red, rosé or white, although it is better for young powerful red wines or full-bodied whites.  It is easy to clean and maintain.

Burgundy Glass. This is a good election for oak-aged wines as it transmits aromas excellently and its design is ideal during the olfactory phase. On the bad side it will transform white wines into flat wines and also it is usually made of a very fragile glass and can break easily.

Flute Glass. Excellent for sparkling wines as it preserves the bubbles longer although difficult to clean and of poor balance due to its dimensions.

White Wine Glass. Designed to receive floral and fruity wines,  it highlights their aromas. It maintains very well the chill serving temperature for white wines but it is not good for red wines as it will make them loose their richness.

Dessert Wine Glass. We do not need it probably but it exists. It is  a lot smaller than a standard glass therefore it is good for those “dessert wines” that normally have a high alcohol content such as Fino, Tokaji, Ice Wine, Vintage Port or Sherry.

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