feb 12, 2018

San Valentine is coming and we are thinking of how to satisfy the senses of our partners, besides wine ¿what other food is associated to pleasure? Chocolate, no doubt; then why not to unite them both in a pairing?? At first, it may sound an “explosive” combination, but if we do it correctly it will become a success.

We are talking about two products with similar characteristics that complement each other very well. The cocoa, the same as wine, has fruity, floral or vanilla-like aromas and it contains epicatechin, a powerful antioxidant that carries out similar actions to the polyphenols of the wine. 

When we come to the world of pairing chocolate and wine, we must choose a high quality chocolate, where we will be able to appreciate the properties of the cocoa, as well as we will select a good wine that will take properly the “weight” in mouth of the chocolate we are about to taste.  Not all wines are suitable for pairing with chocolate but most of them allow to harmonise perfectly well with cocoa.

One of the tricks to enjoy a pairing with wine and chocolate will be the previous and separated tasting of both products, to discover their different nuances.  We will have to consider the intensity of each one, as if we pair a powerful wine with a mild flavoured chocolate, the wine will cover it and its nuances will pass unnoticed.

White chocolate that is elaborated with cocoa butter, is sweeter and will pair better with smooth wines or whites; milk chocolate or semi-sweet, will thank fruity wines; while black chocolate, that integrates great quantity of pure cocoa, will be best enjoyed with aged wines.

The world of pairing is to experiment and to find what it is more pleasant for our palates. We invite you to try it!!

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